Dr. Salvo Magnificent
Arclig Field Ops Base, Eastern Seaboard Megalopolis
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Relevance: Dr. Salvo Magnificent has now severed all ties with the Balata Cutter project and any reluctant Ind. Agents from the sentinel program. Dr. Magnificent has departed the recruitment center and taken on responsibilities essential to the day-to-day operations of the Arclig Eastern Seaboard matrices (aka "Hub Ops").
Situational Equation:

Dr. Salvo Magnificent, the true travel man, circa 60, circa 75. D-Class Circumshot.

Independent Researcher: Dr. Delmar's Electronic Brain

The Cyphers'& Encryptologists' Convention Chairperson

Professor Emeritus, Liebling ScheinFreunde

Assistant Technocrat, Irwin Auchincloss

Recruit Modifications: Johnny Blackjack, Audrey Roulette

Message to Shareholders:
The hour is at hand, the darkness flies, the panopticon advert has been driven from the fields. Like frightened mice, Pavro Tider's disciples scatter and scurry. Ours is the pesticide that has driven them from their homes. Ours are the feet which march on a road of their bones. Ours is the hammer that drives nails through their brains. Ours is the hand which will guide them home. Forthcoming will p9q873tguifqg3[er9f8gh
Mr. Caution: Agent Handler
Mr. Printer: Agent Supervisor
Ms. Muldowney: Field Agent
Mr. Gilmore: Field Agent


References are irrelevant. Results are forever. Dr. Salvo Magnificent delivers outstanding results.
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